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Laptops in movies - MISSION IMPOSSIBLE

Twister -- Eraser -- Mission Impossible -- Independence Day


Four of the biggest films of 1996 [...]

One of the stars of Mission Impossible was a Macintosh PowerBook 540C. I know this because I called Apple Computer, and they were positively giddy to tell me about all the Apple computers used in films this summer. They'd probably still be talking to me right now, if I hadn't come up with an excuse to end the conversation.

In this film, the Macintosh advantage is clear. Whereas the Unknown Laptop was unable to open classified files, Tom Cruise's PowerBook did not have the same problem. It easily handled classified information. Nevertheless, the PowerBook 540C did display some flaws.
For example, many of the most popular lists of classified information take several months longer to be released for the Macintosh platform, but the PowerBook 540C's superior ability in opening classified files makes it well worth the wait. One can only hope this will persuade developers to release more lists of classified information for the Macintosh.

Another interesting feature of this PowerBook is its superior acting ability. For example, in several scenes the PowerBook managed to outact Cruise. True, this is not that difficult an accomplishment. (In one scene, the leg of a table in the corner of the screen outacted Cruise for several seconds). Nevertheless, it is always impressive when a portable computer manges to outperform the lead actor.

You may have mixed feelings about this. If you're the type of actor who likes to be surrounded by superior actors in the hopes that this will make the movie that much more successful, then the PowerBook 540C is for you. However, if you're at all worried about being upstaged, you might want to consider another model.

By Joe Lavin

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